Drains with odors make using the sinks in your house an unpleasant experience. Often, simply cleaning your drain fails to properly eliminate the problem. When selling your property, nothing turns off potential buyers than strange odors emanating from your sinks. Fortunately, when handled by a trained professional, drain cleaning successfully eliminates foul odors and keeps them from returning.

Most smells in a drain originate from the p-trap. This bend in the pipe collects water, which prevents sewer gases from escaping through the drain and into your home. If there’s a leak or not enough water in the p-trap, those gases pass through the drain and into your house. Substances like toothpaste and hair also get caught in that bend, and the subsequent buildup causes a substance called biofilm to form.

If a low water level exists, you simply need to turn the faucet on and fill it up. If a leak in the pipe exists, patching the leak helps stop the smell. If you are experiencing bad smells caused by biofilm, cleaning out the p-trap helps. This is done by pouring a bio-enzyme cleaner or vinegar and baking soda down the drain, using a long scrubbing tool to clear out the biofilm or removing the p-trap and washing it out.

If the changes above are unsuccessful, or if multiple sinks and toilets in your home smell bad, the problem probably lies with the plumbing vent. These vents help to regulate the pressure in sewage lines, preventing sudden changes in pressure from forcing sewer gas back up through your drains and into your home.

If a leak in the plumbing vent or a blockage exists, it needs to be remedied. Clearing any blockages and patching any leaks helps to prevent bad smells from escaping into your home and prevents further complications.

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