5 Times To Call A Plumber

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When plumbing issues emerge many people try to fix it themselves instead of calling a plumber. While you can fix small plumbing problems by yourself, stay aware of times when you need a professional plumber.

Dangerous plumbing problems arise for many reasons, requiring the expertise of a professional. Keep your family and your home safe by hiring a professional for risky plumbing situations.

Call a professional for these plumbing issues:

  1. Lack of Hot Water: Lack of hot water or inconsistent water temperatures usually signal a failed water heater. Because water heaters use gas and electrical systems, it’s important to use a professional plumber to ensure your safety.
  2. Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure often signals a clogged drain. However, if you unclog and the water pressure is still low, a more serious issue may be occurring such as an eroded waterline or a fractured pipe. To avoid further damage, consider contacting a professional plumber.
  3. Water Damage: Signs of water damage in your home — stains, mold or pools of water —  demand a call to a plumber immediately. The effects of water damage are dangerous for your home and your health.
  4. Frozen Pipes: If your pipes are frozen, you should call a plumber immediately. When thawed, frozen pipes are likely to crack or even burst. Try to prevent frozen pipes, but if they become frozen, call a plumber.
  5. Remodeling: Installing appliances and fixtures requires the expertise of a plumber. Trying to install fixtures without a plumber may result in extra repairs or even re-installations, ultimately costing you more money.

Know which plumbing issues require a professional plumber. Calling a plumber during these times gives you confidence in the safety of you and your home.

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