Although the environment, climate change and sustainability dominate the news, very few people stop to consider how their plumbing system affects the world they live in. Many old plumbing systems use resources like energy and water at an alarming rate. Eco-friendly plumbing reduces the amount of resources used in a simple and easy way.

Change these things in your plumbing system to benefit the environment:

  • Repair drips and leaks. Doing this helps save water. Household leaks waste thousands of gallons of water per year. You can also save water by placing jars of stones in your toilet tank to reduce the amount of water needed per flush and turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. 
  • Install low flow fixtures. Using high efficiency products, like eco-friendly toilets, washers and dryers can dramatically reduce your water consumption. Installing retrofit aerators on faucets and low flow shower heads can also help reduce the flow of water. 
  • Upgrade water heating systems. An efficient water heater saves water and energy. Circulation pumps minimize the time it takes for hot water to reach the faucet, reducing energy and water use. 
  • Go green. Switching to green plumbing means installing a plumbing system that completely minimizes water consumption, reduces utility bills and minimizes chemical effects. Installing green plumbing involves the use of insulated hot water pipes and solar water heaters. It is important to choose pipes that are well insulated to prevent heat and energy loss and protect against freezing. Green plumbing allows water to be used to its fullest extent.

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